Design of FPGAs

FPGAs are the optimal integration technology for digital circuits and low- to medium-volume products. We develop with FPGAS from:

Inexpensive FPGAs from LATTICE, e.g. the MACHXO2- or the XP2-families are deployed by us to integrate digital functions of low complexities.

We use FPGAs from MICROCHIP for low-power electronic applications and in electronics for outer space.

Some FPGAs, e.g. the ZYNQ FPGAs from XILINX or the SMARTFUSION2 FPGAs from MICROSEMI have microprocessor subsystems already integrated. With such FPGAs we build up ambitious, high-perfomant systems.

We design digital circuits for FPGAs in VHDL or VERILOG. For FPGAs with embedded microprocessor subsystems we write software in Assember, C or C++ and use the operating systems µCLinux and Linux.