Are You an engineer for electronics, electrical engineering, computer science or physics?

Do You study such subjects?

Even if our current job offers do not fit for You: Your application for a permanent position or for an internship is always appreciated!


Our current vacancies:

Master- or Bachelor - Thesis

An electronic device, which we have already developed and introduced to the market, measures eigenfrequencies and quality factors of antennas for near field communication (NFC) with a carrier frequency of 13.56 MHz.

We intend to develop a new version of this electronic device. The new version will be able to measure eigenfrequencies and quality factors of antennas for a much wider range of carrier frequencies (from 1 kHz up to 100 MHz).

We are looking for a

Master- or Bachelor - Student

who will work out her/his thesis in out company and support us in this new development.

She/he will simulate with "MATLAB" the measurement procedure, which is implemented in our device, for different antennas. She/he will compare the results of these simulations with experimental results which she/he measures with our device and other methods to determine eigenfrequency and quality factor. 

The student should already have knowledges in

  • the physics of electromagnetism,
  • calculations with complex numbers and
  • discrete analog electronics.

Not necessary, but very helpful is experience or at least interest in the application of

  • the software "MATLAB" and
  • measurement devices, e.g. of current and voltage meters, oscilloscopes or vector analyzers.